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Glo Ghana Internet Settings

Glo Ghana Internet Settings

Glo Ghana officially launched in Ghana on 19th of January, 2012 with the reserve your number campaign but begun commercial activities on 30th April, 2012. One service of Glo Ghana that Ghanaians highly anticipated was their internet connectivity. Internet is growing and Ghanaians are really catching up fast with it. We need the internet for social networking, researching, studying, entertainment and so on. Ghanaians have really been burdened with poor internet access they couldn’t wait any longer for Glo to start. With their Glo1 fibre optic cable and ZTE usb modems, Ghanaians had their dreams came to past.

But there was a problem. Many people were rushing to get their hands on the Glo modems and sims to get their devices configured to be able to browse. A walk to the various offices of Glo nationwide saw a huge number of people waiting in queues to be attended to. You do not need to walk into Gloworld offices to get your devices or modems configured to be able to with the Glo network. I am going to show you how you can manually configure internet settings for your device to use the Glo Ghana network.

Manual Glo Ghana Internet Settings

I don’t know which kind of phone you use or the device you want to configure Glo Ghana internet settings on but one principal thing remains, the APN. Access Point Name (apn) is the most important thing you need to have in order to do any manual internet settings for any networks. Every network in Ghana has its own apn though some of them have the same apn for example Mtn and Glo.

The apn for Glo Ghana is Internet. Just browse through your phone internet settings and locate apn. Input internet as the apn and use as your homepage. Just leave the remaining fields blank. Click save and make the new settings the default internet settings for your device. Start browsing and enjoy some wonderful internet speed powered by the Glo1 fibre optic cable.

Ghanaians were expecting Glo to come out with internet bundles that would be different from the other networks but that didn’t happen. Although their charges for the various internet bundles are quite cost effective, we were expecting something like unlimited internet bundle for a month. We are tired of these data packages.

Learn more at Glo Ghana internet settings.

You can also find out more info about Glo Ghana internet data packages at

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 Glo Ghana Internet Settings

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  1. when is glo internet broadband going to begin

  2. How do I get the settings to save on my android phone I bought the phone bundle since last week but no phone settings to activate.

  3. Thanks had this already but will give it a try. Best regards


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