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Mtn Ghana Internet Settings

Mtn Ghana Internet Settings

I don’t think it will be wise to always walk into Mtn Ghana offices to have your laptop or mobile phone internet access configured. The problem even becomes frustrating if you live at an area with no mtn offices close by. I have thus taken it upon myself to educate the public on how to get internet access enabled on the handsets and computers/laptops manually.

Before you begin to setup mtn Ghana internet settings by yourself, make sure you have at least GH¢0.20p credits on your phone. Moreover, the settings might differ from phone to phone or depending on the modem you are using, but if you get the hang of it, you will be able to know how to enable mtn internet access on virtually any device that has internet connectivity.

You need mtn internet connectivity access on your handset or pc because mtn provides you with the fastest yet affordable internet access in Ghana. So even if you don’t use mtn for your voice calls, then you must use mtn for you data and internet access. If you are also afraid, or too scared to try things on your own, then you can decide to walk into any mtn office to have your device internet access enabled for you.

Mtn Ghana Internet Settings 300x150 Mtn Ghana Internet Settings

How to Configure Mtn Ghana internet settings access on your device

This is the first method and it is the easiest option available. Please note this method might not work on all phones.

  1. Just dial *686# and send
  2. Wait for the confirmation message from Mtn on the receipt of your request.
  3. If you phone can’t be configured through this method, you would receive a notification message.
  4. If on the other hand, you phone can be configured using this method, mtn will send you’re the configuration settings. All you need to do is to open the message and click install. Follow the prompts to successfully get your phone internet connection enabled.

The second method is for other phones or devices that can’t be configured using the first method. This method is a bit difficult but you can do it. Let’s proceed on to the tutorials

  1. Search for your device internet settings. You will mostly find it at Menu -> Settings -> Internet Settings or Connectivity or Phone Settings
  2. The next important thing you must look for is Access Point Name (APN). The APN for Mtn is internet.
  3. Go on and fill in the homepage field, and leave the rest blank. If it asks you for authentication settings, select none. Don’t fill in the proxy or ip settings, but if you are not able to connect to the internet, you can fill it in later. Mtn proxy or ip setting is Port 80 or 8080.
  4. Save your settings and configure your browser or apps to connect to the internet through the new internet profile you’ve created.

If you are finding difficulties in manually configuring your mtn Ghana internet settings, just leave your comments and I will assist you to do it.

You can also learn more about Mtn’s internet settings at Mtn Ghana Internet Settings.

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 Mtn Ghana Internet Settings

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  1. why do you take the credit on the modem if am not able to exhaust all before the stipulated time. you can disconnect the line and not to take the credit. after all i will recharge n add up. this is what i hate about your service on Internet usage apart from ur expensive bundles

    • thanks for the comment. By the way, this site isn’t owned by Mtn. It is owned by me and I write posts that I know will help others.

  2. This is my second time coming here and both occasions you have been helpful

  3. John Kingsley Addo

    I need the internet Primary DNS and Secondary DNS for my mobile please send it through my


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